martes, 17 de abril de 2007

Really the message that you said of the Easter is very good, because it motivates to us to reflect about this as wonderful man as he is it Jesus Christ... it was interesting! That the great man of God Blesses twwo you....
Well stephy it seems to me very interesting, because I like much those things, is really good... in any time I call you for a super decoration of our rooms... What do you think?
Well! Luis enchants your talent to me because he is unique and interesting he follows ahead god blesses you!
Well! Luis enchants your talent to me because he is unique and interesting he follows ahead god blesses you!

lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

Unit 13. You can´t miss it

If you want go to my home, read it.

We are in Circunvalación 2 avenue, go down the main amparo avenue to Pastelitos Pipo. Turn left, and you will see the fourth house on the right, thats my house.. It´s color white with brown..

When are you going to visit me?

Unit 16. Please leave us a message

It´s a conversation with my boyfriend, on thursaday at 5:00pm.


Joselyn: Hello?
Dario: Hello, my darling.
Joselyn: Oh baby, How are you?
Dario: Excellent, and you?
Joselyn: Really good, because when I listen to your voice, Ahhh! I go to the sky!!
Dario: Jaja, thanks. Also your voice is sweet.
Well! I call you for invite you to go out today at night.
Joselyn: but! Where?
Dario: It´s a surprise.
Joselyn: Umm! I´m sorry but I´m studyng with Kenia and I can´t go today,
What about tomorrow?
Dario: I want today, I´m so emotion but I can´t do anything.
Well I call you tomorrow. Still studyng.
Bye... Tu-tu-tu-tu-tu...
Joselyn: Hey, hey, baby babyyyyyyyy.... (crying)
My boyfriend is sad. :'(

Finally we couldn´t go out, but the next day we went out to the cinema :)

martes, 10 de abril de 2007

Unit 9. "Broccoli is good for you".

The food pyramid...
In this Unit i´m going to talk about my feeding, the food that i love and i hate... check it!

  • I hate chicken because it has bad taste, I hate nuts, the fish, I can´t eat oranges because is bad for me.

  • I love milk, mangoes, vegetables, noodles, the rice from my grandmother, I almost every day in the morning eat cereal and I really enjoy eating beef.

  • I think that I should eat less grain, because I eat a lot of it and I can get fat.

  • I have to eat more fish and yogurt for be healthful.

I could learn how I should eat, in a balance way and healthy, for help to my body and be in a good shape.

sábado, 7 de abril de 2007

Unit 14. Did you have a good weekend?

In this Unit I’m going to use the past simple to tell you some things, that I did last week.

what I did last week?
On Monday I studied in my house, I visited to may grandmother, I tried dance with a group of girls that go to the church with me. I cleaned my house, I watched a movie called “El arca de Noé”.

On Wednesday I shared a lot of time with my mother, I helped to her to make the lunch.

On Friday night I went to McDonald’s to eat ice cream and later I talked by cell phone with my friend Kenia.

On Saturday I went to the supermarket with my father and my brother… at nigh I went to the celebration of 15 years of my sister and finally I went to the church and I took a big rest.

¡¡Now you know somethings that I did last week in my free time and that I really!! enjoy to do.

Unit 12. What´s the matter?

At the doctor!
It is dramatizations of a patient that go the doctor, because have an earache :) Is really good.

Dr.Corzo: Welcome.
Ms.Tacoronte: Good morning doctor.
Dr.Corzo: Good morning, please take sit.
Ms.Tacoronte: thanks.
Dr.Corzo: ok! What’s the matter?
Ms.Tacoronte: well! I have an earache, because I was playing volleyball, when the ball hit me.
Dr.Corzo: uh, that’s too bad. Let me check!
Yes, your ear is big, and you should have a max pain.
Well, take these pills, and take one every 8 hours by 7 days
Ms.Tacoronte: um, I don’t like take pills.
Dr.Corzo: If you want get better soon, take it.
Ms.Tacoronte: ok. No problem.
See you later
Dr.Corzo: Bye-bye…
We really enjoeyed make this dramatization, Teacher I want to make others!!!

Unit 11.What are you going to do?

"I´m going to talk about one of my prefers season of the year in my country"


This festividad happens in the month of February, where the people disguise themselves, they travel to the beach, they play with water, they go to the swimming pools, they enjoy family, among other things.

The disguises that the children wear are allusive to cartoons and artists, often make parades in the streets to show and to compete by the best disguise. I like much to play with water in this season to go to the swimming pool.

"I hope that you like my written, and you can interesarte by the carnival".